Oh momma, congratulations! 

Pregnancy is such a gift! It's remarkable what our bodies can do. For nine months we carry our babies, feeling their first kicks and waves and hiccups. We are their first home, their first shelter, their first safe place. Life is literally being created within us. Without even having to think about it, the innate power of our body is intricately and divinely knitting baby together, supplying baby with all the necessary nutrients and buildings blocks to do so. I mean come on, let’s just take a moment and think about how incredible this is!!!

In this session we focus on you, momma! This is a time to celebrate, to love our bodies, to honor our adaptable nature, and to showcase the power and strength that we have, both as woman and as mothers. So let's have some fun and honor your body, let's document the growth of your belly and all that it represents.