"We didn’t know Colleen was snapping the photos that she did but she knocked our socks off when she showed us. As designers, we’ve very… particular, but we haven’t found anything we don’t love from the countless pictures she’s taken. I love the candid feel and I’d never put enough value on family pictures until we had them done. I want all of my memories to feel this feel, this lighting, and this warmth."

-Natalie & John
"Seriously, book the birth photographer! I was on the fence myself, but I look back at those photos often. I’m like, damn I did that. And to see the support of my husband and his hilarious face at birth. There are so many emotions.
And, Colleen is way more than a birth photographer. She encouraged me and was willing to help in any way possible ( grab snacks, water, towels, ect.) I am forever grateful for you and these photos!"

"What to say. Simply put, Colleen was a blessing. She came to our home and everything was perfect! It felt like friends hanging out, just going through our daily routine, documenting our lives. Now we have the most beautiful pictures of our home and family! I couldn’t be happier with our experience and the product. You can tell Colleen deeply cares about you as a person/family and her works shows it. I’m happy to say I’ll have her photograph my family for the coming years."

-Erin & Matt
"Colleen is such a dream to work with! She makes the process feel natural and stress free. I appreciated how she spent time both before and during the shoot making sure she’d be able to capture all we hoped for. I cherish our family photos so much and highly recommend her to everyone!"

"I reached out to Colleen after finding her page on instagram. While she doesn’t formally do any branding shoots, the raw, candid, and heartfelt moments captured in her birth, maternity, and family shoots resonated with me as truth, and I knew that that was the exact feeling I wanted to both capture and portray to families seeking out my business. Not only did Colleen deliver seamlessly on this (exceeding any and all expectations), but her presence during the shoot was one of warmth, encouragement, lightness, and a big hug all wrapped up in one. She has continued to encompass the essence of all that I personally, and my business represent by way of her art. Not only are our shoots an absolute blast, but Colleen is a person, a mom, a friend, an artist, is truly just such a gem. Thank you, Colleen! Our business, and more importantly, our community, would not be the same without you."

-Gabby, The Inside Space
"At first, I was unsure about getting maternity or birth photos, but I am so glad we did. Colleen was such an amazing person to invite into this stage of our lives. She was able to capture the beauty of pregnancy, birth and life with a new baby. She made the experience so enjoyable and helped to instill incredible confidence throughout the whole process. Working with Colleen was so encouraging and empowering. I love the photos we got and am confident that I will cherish the moments that she captured of us."

-Amy & Chance
"I wasn't ready 🥲 Every time you surprise me more and more. You are an extremely talented person. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that I will keep for my whole life, for keeping in an image the memory of our family. I'm obviously crying 🥲 and I can't even choose my favorite cause every single photo it's magical. Every photo is soooo perfect. Thanks Colleen with all my heart. You will always welcome to our house and our family and We hope to work with you when our kids grow up."


“As soon as she arrived Colleen was engaging my kids. “Want to see my camera? Have you seen one before? Wanna see how it works?” They warmed up to her so quickly! She rolled with the punches. Punch #1? A trip, led by my daughter, to her very messy bedroom. The result? Beautiful photos. Punch #2: banana peel on the floor. Result: the perfect detail in more beautiful photos. My kids got out activity after activity; they ate even more snacks, and Colleen captured it all so well, just the way I want to remember these days. 

My days at home with my kids don’t always feel beautiful, but in these photos I have evidence that they certainly are. It was such a comfortable time. After Colleen had left, I wished she and I had had more time to just sit and chat. So, get the photos taken. You don’t even have to pick out special outfits or leave the house if you don’t want to. Yes, you’ll remember these days, but you and your family will have such enormous smiles looking back at the photographs. 
Thank you, Colleen.”