5 Fun Facts About Me


I'm Colleen

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. The furthest I ever moved from my childhood home was 5 miles to campus. And when I got married we didn't even have to think about it, we were going to stay in Columbus because we love the community we have here.

My big Irish family all live here. So when we get together it's loud, there is lots of laughter, big opinions, and yes lots of strong women that love their babies and talking homebirth! I love it so much.



My mother was a photographer. I grew up with a camera always out and capturing my every move. I guess I don’t remember a time when photography wasn’t something I loved.

In the 8th grade, we had to write a paper on what our career was going to be when we grew up. And wouldn’t you know—I said I was going to be a photographer. 

Fast forward 10-plus years and the need to capture people's beauty without interfering grew. Documenting motherhood became my passion.


My Inspiration

I have 3 beautiful children from the ages 4-9. There is literally never a dull moment in our house. It is full of dancing, singing, jumping off furniture, building robots, wrestling, superhero fighting, and yes, sibling fighting (we are normal). If you're walking past our house I swear you can hear us loud and clear, yelling and laughing.

They are the reason why I started this career! With each of my pregnancies, birth photography empowered me and always had a big impact on my outlook on birth. So, I have them to thank for this passion!


Birth Journey

I have carried 4 babies in my belly. All of my pregnancies did not come easy. There was a lot of sickness which made it hard to feel like myself. I had a miscarriage with my second pregnancy and felt the full devastation of losing my baby before I even got to hold him. I have a special place for moms that have gone through a loss.

My other 3 babies were born at home. One in my bed, another in my living room, and the last was in a birthing pooling our dining room. My house is full of our memories. The sad ones and the good.

I feel lucky to have had the experience with my births. I had an amazing group of women and my husband fully supporting me. I'm a total advocate for you choosing the birth you want and how you want it!


Relationship with Nature

Backpacking, creeking, hiking?!! I'm in!

I plan a backpacking trip every year with 3 of my favorite moms. I absolutely love nature and being surrounded by the woods. There’s something about carrying all that you need on your back and having to navigate in nature—it’s just the best experience. Who doesn't want to spend time outdoors, feel liberated and free from the chaos of the world? And you feel like a badass. So, yes I love it!!

My Vision

My vision is for mamas to have authentic, raw, and candid moments in their real surroundings. Moments in time to look back on for years to come. This is no knock on the adorable selfies you have with your little ones. I'm here to document your family's real life without concern for blurry photos or getting everyone to look at the camera and “say cheese” at the exact same time. 

I want to document your young motherhood, your family, your interactions. 

Let’s remember the small, quiet moments that we have with our kids in their rooms, playing with blocks, reading books, and tickling in bed. 

Let’s remember our intentionally created spaces. That couch you breastfeed on for hours on end, or that rocking chair that was the only thing that would soothe both you and baby. 

These micro moments amount to everything. They add up to be the story of your life. The journey of motherhood from pregnancy to birth and beyond—and I want to help you capture it all.