My Belly, Birth & Baby

Maternity photos at 28-36 weeks
+ Inhome lifestyle session
+ 1 hour session with a gallery of 40+
+ The Birth Story Package
Delivering 150+ high res photos in gallery
+Newborn session done inhome or hospital within the first month of birth.
1.5-2 hr


My Birth & Baby

The Birth Story Package
Gallery of 125+ high resolution photos

+48hr newborn session includes hospital or inhome

or inhome lifestyle home session within the first month of birth
1.5-2 hrs session
A gallery of 35+ photos


My Belly & Birth

Maternity photos at 28-36 weeks.
+ Inhome lifestyle session
+ 1 hour session with a gallery of 25+ high resolution photos

+My Birth Story Package
Gallery of 125+ high resolution photos


My Birth Story

Hospital or Homebirth

+ Pre-birth consultation
+ On call from 38 weeks until delivery
+ Photographing your labor, delivery & first moments as a family
+ Photographing up to 2 hours postpartum
+ Gallery of 100+ high resolution photos


Postpartum Story

+Pre-birth consultation
+on call from 38 weeks until delivery
+Photographing your story right after baby is born
+Capturing all the firsts! Skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, exams, all those tiny details
+up to 2 hrs
+Gallery of 60+


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In birth, we are so often wrapped up in all that we are feeling—the hands putting pressure on our hips, the cool towel being placed on our neck, the kisses from our loved ones. We hear the words of encouragement from the outside, reminding us of our power. 

It is only natural that our visual priorities will change during this time. Our primitive brain takes over, shifting into a mode of protection, of priority, of precedence. So what you may not see, is the strength that appears on your face in this process. Or the beauty in your hands as you reach down to grab your baby for the first time. Or the rawness of emotion that exists between both you and your partner as you hold one another as an expanded family for the very first time. 

So let me be your eyes. Let me capture the finesse of these moments. Let me capture you, in all of your power, both that you knew existed and with bubbles of it that arose from places you didn’t know existed within yourself. Let me capture the presence of love that is pervasive and palpable as you unite with this new being that is expanding your capacity to love more than you ever conceived to be possible. 

Let me document that story. Let me be another set of eyes in your first moments with your baby.


Available for home births & doula-assisted hospital births (Resource page has doula recommendations)

All birth photography packages have monthly payment plans available. Let's make your birth story stress-free.

If you are a birthworker yourself please let me know!! I would love to give you a 10% discount

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Do you photograph all births? Home? Hospital? C-sections?

Yes! Yes! & YES!

I'm a firm believer that anyway you bring your baby into this world, your story should be documented.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Columbus Ohio. At this time in my life (3 little ones under 8), I travel up to 30 minutes outside of Columbus. For any extra miles, I require a traveling fee.

What happens if my birth plans change? Will you still be able to come to the birth?

I will do everything I can to be present at your birth but I can not guarantee it with all the new policies at hospitals (each is different).

If you are having a homebirth, please check with the hospital you plan to transfer to about their policies on photographers.

If you are planning a hospital birth, ask your doctor and hospital beforehand if they will allow a photographer to document your birth. Remember to ask if they allow photographers to document your c-section if things change.

When do you come to the birth?

When you start early labor, I ask that you contact me so I know baby is making their way earthside. Then when active labor starts (when contractions have changed and you have to stop everything to breath) call me up and I will head your way!

Whats your policy if the birth is missed?

We all know that birth is unpredictable and so sometimes births can be missed.

If your birth is really fast and I miss through no fault of my own, I will still come to your birth room and document your first moments and capture your first hours with the baby.

And all other scenarios we will talk through in our consultation call.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link of your sneaks within 48hrs of your birth. My turn around for birth galleries is maximum 4 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

Do you use a flash?

Typically births happen late into the night or in the wee hours of the morning and so light is minimal. In order for me to get those sharp high-quality photos I use a flash. I have yet to have a complaint about the flash from a client yet. I use a defuser so the light is not directed toward you but rather toward the ceiling. The light bounces off the ceiling and onto the subject making for sharp crisp photos.

Why does birth cost as much as it does?

This is a common question. You are making an investment in a moment that will forever change your life (we typically have two of those in our lives, marriage and babies) and so here are a few things to consider about what I do in order to get you those precious moments captured.

1. You have a professional photographer on call for you from 38 weeks to 42 weeks of pregnancy. On call life means I will be sacrificing late nights and changing plans around real fast in order to make your birth.

2. Each birth is different and comes with varying time frames. I could be at your birth anywhere from 4 to 40 hours.

3. Camera equipment. I've got top-line equipment to help make your photos the best they can be. This means 2 camera bodies, 2 high-end lens, 2 flashes, batteries for days, and all the SD cards a girl could need. Nothing will stop me from getting your photos.

4. Editing software. Not only am I documenting your birth but I spend close to 15-20 hrs editing and making sure your photos are the best. This requires monthly investment in editing software.

5. Education and keeping up with the birth world. I am a part of a few birth photographer communities and invest time and money into making sure I am challenging my skills and learning from the top photographers out there.

Lastly, you are trusting this moment with someone that is reliable and well-trained in this field. That is exactly what you are getting when you invite me into your space!

Do you offer Payment plans?

Yes! You can pay as you would like, I just require a $500 dollar nonrefundable retainer. The full payment must be paid by 38 weeks and how you decide to split that up is fine with me.