Let me start by sharing what these family shoots are not. These shoots are not posed, they are not staged, they are not fabricated. These shoots are not here to provide an illusion of what may happen amongst your family behind closed doors. 

A family shoot with me is here to capture the genuineness of what it means to be in your unit. I am here to facilitate real, unfiltered, and unfabricated moments with your family. This is a time for laughter, for play, for cuddling, for awe. It is the unposed moments in which I can really capture the story of your family. I want your kids running around. I want your kids making the mess. I want your kids playing in the garden with all of the wonder and curiosity in the world. I want your kids jumping on the bed, throwing pillows and making forts. I want your kids holding your hand with all the tenderness they hold in their ever-evolving bodies. This is real. This is you. And this is what we will capture.

“Colleen has a way of making her clients feel so at peace and comfortable during a photo session. Her eye for real life raw moments is not one to be overlooked. As a photographer myself, I wouldn’t want anyone else taking my family photos.”