Birth Photography

Ever wonder what kind of photos you will receive in your birth gallery?

Here are 8 photos every birth photographer should be delivering

Of course, every photographer will infuse their own personal touches into your gallery, highlighting the photos they love to capture. However, overall, these elements represent a reliable expectation of what you'll find in your birth gallery.

Supportive Hands




These tender gestures speak volumes during childbirth. From nurturing touches to steady support through contractions, these hands tell the story of unwavering care and love from your birth team and partner.

The Wave




Amidst the intensity of labor, we'll capture the ebb and flow of each contraction. From deep breaths to the gripping struggle, we'll document your journey, allowing you to reflect on your power within each wave.

The rest




In the quiet pauses between contractions lies a story of resilience and rejuvenation. These images speak about your strength and patience to allow your body to open as it needs to.








The long-awaited moment is always a favorite. From overwhelming joy to sheer surprise, we're here to preserve every emotion as you and your partner lay eyes on your newborn for the very first time.

The Whole Room




Our documentary-style approach encapsulates more than just visuals. We capture the very essence of the room—the emotions, scents, and atmosphere—ensuring you relive every detail surrounding your childbirth experience.






In those fleeting first hours, your baby undergoes remarkable transformations. From delicate toes to wisps of hair and the tender umbilical cord, we'll preserve every tiny detail, allowing you to cherish these precious moments for a lifetime.

The Latch




The first few hours of postpartum are sacred. As you hold your newborn close, and have your first latch. We'll capture the essence of these precious moments, as the first bonds between you and your baby unfold.


Life Giver





In the rush of childbirth, the moment of seeing your placenta often passes in a blur. Yet, it's the very nurturer of your baby's existence, the home of their nourishment. We'll capture its intricate beauty, ensuring you don't miss the significance of this Tree of life.

“Your most awaited moments deserve a timeless story.”

As Birth Photographers we understand how transforming these moments are for you as you step into motherhood. These images have the power to help you process your birth story and see your birth through a whole new lens. Let us help you keep these moments timeless.

So did you see what you were expecting? Were you surprised at the types of photos a birth photographer takes? Ready to have your birth documented yet?